After more than 20 years as one of Palm Beach’s most renowned decorative painters, Scott Robertson shifted his focus and has become a sought-after interior designer, as well. Trained as a fine artist, Scott has worked with many of the nation’s top designers to create some of this country’s most beautiful homes, and to restore some of Palm Beach’s most notable interiors; in essence a training in the art of interior design working with the most notable talents of our time. Now, he brings his artist’s eye and seasoned perspective to his own clients’ homes, creating personalized interiors that are both beautiful and practical.

Scott Robertson


Scott’s training in the U.S. and Europe brings a cosmopolitan perspective to projects, along with an ability to work confidently in styles ranging from contemporary to classic. He believes that a respect for client’s lives and tastes and experiences leads to balanced and functional interiors. “So many of my clients have led rich full lives, and have acquired amazing collections of furniture, objects and art; if I respect those objects and incorporate them into a new home I have honored both the client and the objects. It creates a more nuanced interesting room, and is truly the ultimate in recycling and respecting our environment.” His rooms are artistically balanced compositions of color, light, texture and style, often with a touch of humor. Yet, years of running his own firm have also taught Scott never to lose sight of his clients’ wishes – as well as the importance of respecting budgets and deadlines.

Many years of experience working with clients as an artist gives this designer a rare ability to understand clients’ needs while accurately reflecting their tastes and lifestyles. His clients immediately recognize Scott as “someone I knew I could work with.”

While keeping the big picture in mind, Scott nevertheless pays close attention to each project’s details, a habit gained from decades as a fine artist. The result? Memorable, lively interiors with style and energy, designed for:

Scott Robertson Interiors

BS Interior Design

BFA Fine Art Painting

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